Medical Education, Seminars and Workshops

insaf supports clients with organization and performance of seminars and workshops in Medical Education for physicians, covering all aspects of allergies and airway diseases.

Moreover, we hold educational seminars and training workshops for members of pharmaceutical or biomedical companies. Contents and hot topics may include anything from basics of disease physiology and pathology, to treatment approaches, research and development strategies, novel therapeutic or diagnostic tools and marketing aspects of new drugs.

Finally, we provide in-depth training for clinical research sites of multicentre clinical trials in standard techniques like pulmonary function or exercise testing, quality assurance etc, as well as continuous external quality check during trials.

insaf Seminars presents up-to-date knowledge:

  • medical background of airway diseases and allergies
  • pathophysiology, diagnostic tools
  • unmet medical needs
  • current approaches to treatment and guidelines
  • comprehensive data from clinical studies

The team members of insaf have several years of personal experience in presenting and teaching during hundreds of presentations, lectures and meetings. To browse through a reference list please follow the link: 

Presentations and Seminars