The insaf Approach towards Respiratory Research

Patient room on 2nd floor of the "Villa Berg", Biebricher Allee, insaf research site Wiesbaden.

Take Responsibility: When considering to perform a clinical trial together with a sponsor, our highest priority is to weigh potential opportunities of novel therapies for affected patients against any possible inherent risks. We do so by combining critical scientific scrutiny with our ethical and practical responsibilities as physicians.

Make Sense: We will only agree to participate in clinical trials that are fully consistent and provide a sound and truely convincing scientific rationale, ensuring that any possible results will promote knowledge and ultimatively yield benefit for affected patients. 

Create Transparency: Reimbursement of our services is, whenever applicable, calculated according to standard national reimbursement policies and tables. This will guarantee a maximum level of transparency for clients.


Three basic principles serving one mission: achieve better results with better research !